Movement has a dimension

Interactive projection with live dance performance - Creative Entrepreneurship Award Zeeland 2013

The image is starting to move. Up to and including three-dimensional. You don’t know what you’re seeing. And yet, you are experiencing it. This is Imagination Lab’s creative framing of an idea. The past becomes alive, you seem to be in an ocean or in space. Wherever you are, follow the red umbrella and keep your eyes wide open. The realm of experience acquires a new dimension at Imagination Lab®.

  • It's inspiring to work with Marnix. To work out ideas with him to create a product has been a terriffic experience everytime. He is professional at doing his job, creative, and always seems to understand the idea I present to him. After that, he's even able to put my idea to an even higher level. He's very accurate and never delivers a product that's not 'finished'. Besides that, he's loyal and never misses his deadline. I'm always looking forward to work on a project with Marnix. No doubt, people who've worked with him as well will agree with me.

    Daan Bogers owner of Daan Bogers Musicproductions


Portfolio selection

Cheers to the next 50 years! - 2017

Imagination Lab® post 'Cheers to the next 50 years!'

The NHTV is a university of applied sciences in Breda, The Netherlands, with about 7,000 students from over 100 countries. It has been around for 50 years and that milestone will be celebrated with a week-long celebration. During the Festival Week the 5 NHTV academies present themselves in the monastery, soon to be the new campus location. The school opens its doors for neighbors, business relations and other invited guests alike.

As lecturer Imagineering at the NHTV, Imagination Lab’s founder Marnix van de Vijver, together with a colleague, will be responsible for the Academy for Leisure part in a spectacular interactive tour. Together with a group of 4 minor Imagineering students they developed a mini attraction in which the visitor is treated to a dynamic quiz, a 180 degrees movie and a tangible memory, with our academy in the leading role. We’ve received many positive reviews and visitors are impressed.

Welcome to Van Gogh’s world - 2016

Imagination Lab® post 'Welcome to Van Gogh’s world'

Stop at the train station Breda and make a journey through the world of van Gogh’s family via interactive stories. After the successful pop-up museum “Grandpa van Gogh” in Breda’s inner city, a new pop-up experience unfolds itself in the shopping mall of Breda’s train station: “Welcome to van Gogh’s world”. A hub connecting the van Gogh’s throughout Brabant, nationally & internationally.

Imagination Lab, part of The NOOMATS team, has been asked by Stichting Cultuurbehoud Breda to develop an experience concept for the pop-up expo. A creative plan has been made, concept and interactive setups have been devised and the opening has already taken place by Breda’s alderman for culture. Everyone is invited!

Castle attic Helmond - 2016

Imagination Lab® post 'Castle attic Helmond'

NOOMATS has been asked by Gemeentemuseum Helmond to develop an experience concept for the castle attic.

Van Gogh Year - 2015/2016

Imagination Lab® post 'Van Gogh Year'

During the international Van Gogh Year, Stichting Cultuurbehoud Breda, NOOMATS & Imagination Lab had put their heart and soul to it. A year full of special interactives and cooperation we are proud of. A year filled with inspiration, zeal, reflection and reorientation.

In circles of the young Vincent - 2015

Imagination Lab® post 'In circles of the young Vincent'

The exhibition 'In circles of the young Vincent' at the Breda Museum is about the inspiration and influence Vincent van Gogh found and underwent in the Barony of Breda, where the seed of his artistry was planted. Nature and art are a common thread throughout his adolescent live. The NOOMATS team will change one of the halls into an interactive nature experience!

The interactive potato eaters - 2015

Imagination Lab® post 'The interactive potato eaters'

One of the most famous paintings of Vincent van Gogh, 'The potato eaters', has been brought to live in a very special way. By applying our Live Studio Experience software you will be at the table in between the potato eaters yourself!

Get Rid of the Fixed Mindset Workshops - 2015

Imagination Lab® post 'Get Rid of the Fixed Mindset Workshops'

For professionals working in the creative industry, Imagination Lab® and Tobias-Ontwerpen developed a workshop about experience design. Our participants learn more about breaking patterns and creating immersive experiences.

Biobased Development Tree - 2015

Imagination Lab® post 'Biobased Development Day Twitter Tree'

This beautiful tree and the stories of biobased development has come to life at Roosendaal & Helmond during the Biobased Development Day´s.

Light-ART BREDA360 @MOTI_museum - 2014

Imagination Lab® post 'Light-ART BREDA360 @MOTI_museum'

MOTI (Museum of the Image) takes you along places in the world that carry the beautiful name of Breda, through captivating imagery. An artistic lighting exhibit with international sounds.

The Horse Tram Experience: a real spectacle - 2014

Imagination Lab® post 'The Horse Tram Experience: a real spectacle'

Heritage is being shown in a fascinating and interactive way with the 'Horse Tram Experience'. Past and present are innovatively connected with each other and links between heritage, craftsmanship and visual culture are being brought to live in extraordinary fashion. Our last version (2017) works stand alone with gesture control and creates a beautiful hologram without greenscreen.

Pepper's Ghost presentation - 2013

Imagination Lab® post 'Pepper's Ghost presentation 'Open Mijn Blik''

We used the Pepper's Ghost technique several times to touch the public in a catchy way. Imagination Lab translates the story of the day in a magical attention grabber, entirely in the style of the event.

The animation is created by Noctua Studios from Tilburg.

Creative Entrepreneurship Award Brabant & Zeeland - 2013

Creative Entrepreneurship Award Brabant & Zeeland

Imagination Lab provides two times a fantastic show with live performers for the Chamber of Commerce 'Creative Entrepreneurship Award Brabant & Zeeland'. Popping dancers, 15 meter interactive eye-candy projection, confetti shooters and odor perception ensures an unforgettable experience. Designed in collaboration with Tobias Ontwerpen.

Exhibit 'Entrepreneurship at the Catwalk' - 2012

Entrepreneurship at the Catwalk

Guests experience 'the future of shopping'. Between Augmented Reality solutions, 3D viewers and interactive mirrors stands our exhibit. Here you can share your wisdom or read the wisdom messages to inspire you. Everyone get out with a smile, a good feeling or a thought.

Booth at Midpoint Leisure Boulevard - 2012

Booth at  Midpoint Leisure Boulevard

An interactive booth at Midpoint Leisure Boulevard. Annual marketplace for the leisure economy in and outside Brabant. The audience in the Leather Factory Oisterwijk experienced an interactive shadow play to use as unforgettable impression maker.

QR Experience route - 2012

De QR-belevingsroute

Since 2011 Imagination Lab® has cooperated with Ben Smit Multimedia from Valkenswaard. Under de name 'Pure Stories' we jointly developed special presentations for smartphones and tablet PCs. By pooling our experience, knowledge, and expertise we were able to react better to new developments from the market. The Pure Stories QR experience route is a good example.

Visit the project website: ''

Interactive floorprojection & interactive shadow play - 2011 

Interactieve vloerprojectie & interactief schaduwspel

Friday 25th of February, the official kick-off of Imagination Lab® @Blushuis, Breda. Owner Marnix van de Vijver invited clients, co-workers, family & friends to come and have a look in his new office. With an interactive floor projection with nice fish and an interactive shadow play, he gave the participants an impression how he tells certain stories in an memorable way. Enthusiastic reactions all over!

Open Monuments day Breda - 2010 

Reality meets history. And Imagination Lab® makes it happen in 2010.

Augmented Reality Church Houses.
From the town hall you look at 19th-century Church Houses that come to life. A lady freshens up the cushions, a painter tries to seduce her, and eventually the chimney sweeper goes off with her… Historically correct, as you see. 

Augmented Reality Port Breda
Photography and moving image used to be inventions that ensured a great deal of stupefaction. At La Bohème on the Prinsenkade Imagination Lab® goes ahead and does it all over again.

Starterslift - 2009  

Kick-off Starterslift

The Starterslift Foundation gives its guests an unforgettable experience at a kick-off. Imagination Lab® has interpreted literally: our presentation gives viewers the feeling they are in a lift. From the ground-floor to the roof, the building holds no secrets anymore.

TNT harmony - 2008

TNT harmonie

In honour of the 85-year anniversary the TNT harmony Breda gave a breath-taking matinee concert in the Chassé Theatre. Imagination Lab® provided the lighting plan and the motion graphics. The theatre was still illuminated long afterwards.

Cabaret lighting technology - 2007

Theater- & lichttechniek Robbert Jan Proos

Laughing! With cabaret artist Robbert Jan Proos and his shows Wat Ik Ook Zeg, Alleenzaamheid, Tijdverspilling, Danser, Samen Slapen & Reddend Zwemmen. Imagination Lab® provides the lighting design for these seven shows. And the effect on the stage is remarkable.